The Human Tripwire For A LUKS Nuke Partition


An encrypted LUKS partition is a good thing to have and even better if it is a Nuke partition for whatever reason. If you are stuck in a basement in Paris with two nails in your legs while the dad from Taken interrogates you far away from your partition, there is still a way to nuke your it. The carrier pigeon known as a human.

So lets say in this case someone has access to your hardware and along with it the drive with the LUKS Nuke partition. How can they help us in nuking the partition? Set your nuke passphrase to something that is sure to appear in almost any Wordlist eg “password”, “abc123”, “l3tm3in”. So anything that is high in reuse and commonality making it near the top of most Wordlists. This way if they try brute force your partition they will end up erasing it for you. Perhaps even leaving a not so blatant Post It note on your monitor with a hint at the password might help trigger the erase.

Your non-Nuke password to access the partition should only ever be committed to memory and to help with the creation of that you can follow our previous guide here. Remember there are algorithms and scripts that can generate best password guesses but nobody has ever mapped your mind and your memory associations so that makes for good OpSec and a password you can easily recall. So perhaps don’t keister your USB drive but rather leave it laying around to let someone erase your data for you.

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